What if dentists or plastic surgeons started repossessing their work after someone refused to pay their bill?  Might make people take things a little more seriously wouldn't it.

Well, a roofer in West Monroe, wasn't about to be taken advantage of and after months of waiting to be paid, he re-possessed a woman's entire roof.  But now, his actions had him arrested.

According to thenewsstar.com, Andrew Jackson Higdon III, 66, of West Monroe, replaced a Monroe woman's roof in June of 2016.  The woman claims that she and Higdon had agreed he would wait for her payment until she received payment from her insurance company.

Then, according to the woman, he started asking for payments around mid-December 2016.  She offered to make payments but he wanted full payment and again, according to the woman, she says Higdon said if she did not pay what she owed, he would take the roof off her house, and it would be damaged when it rained.

Apparently, he wasn't bluffing.  The victim says that when she arrived at home on December 22, 2016, the entire roof, including the roofing paper was all gone.

Ouachita Parish deputies arrested Higdon last Tuesday and charged him with simple criminal damage to property and criminal trespass. Both are misdemeanors. Total bond was set at $4,500, and Higdon bonded out of Ouachita Correctional Center on Wednesday.


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