I don’t enjoy cleaning. There is nothing I hate more than cleaning. I know some people say that it makes them feel good and it takes the stress away, but for me all it does is add stress to my life.

Do you wanna know what does feel great? Getting home to a clean home where I don’t have to worry if I will have unexpected visitors come over and you have time to do the things you want to do — whether that's spending extra time with the family, prepping for a new school year or simply relaxing.

I love that the staff at Michelle‘s Cleaning Service is always prompt, and they’re kind of like cleaning ninjas. You don’t realize they are there up until you get home to the cleanest your house has ever been. The image at the top is how things looked after Michelle's team visited; this is more how my space looks when I'm left to my own devices:

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Michelle's Cleaning Service's team is topnotch at residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, new construction clean-up, and deep cleaning. If your home is surly-teen-level dirty, they can help. If your home is rambunctious-puppy-meets-mud dirty, they can help. If you haven't even tried to clean your home since the pandemic began, yep, they can help.

The owner, Michelle, has been cleaning professionally for 15 years and thinks of herself as a "fairy" for hard-working moms, families, business owners, and more. She takes pride in having her team get the work done right the first time and in knowing she's helping families and businesses be their best.

So if you'd like to give yourself more time to do the things you love, leave the cleaning to Michelle's Cleaning Service. To learn more, visit the company website at michellescleaningla.com or call 318-560-7150.

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