Verizon is experiencing severe outages across the United States today. Customers will not be able to place calls during the outage. Text messages may be spotty as well, however data services seem to be working.

The outages are heaviest in Texas and Louisiana, but are also taking place in Chicago and New York.

Multiple reports are surfacing through cellular related tech websites too, like, who reports the following:

"Reports of texts and calls not working are flooding both Twitter and Down Detector. Some are reporting that only Verizon-to-Verizon calls work, but that calling *611 to contact support isn’t working. Others we’ve talked to aren’t having any issues at all. Either way, a whole bunch of Verizon customers are not happy at the moment."

Verizon appears to be aware of the situation, but has not released any information about where the outages originated, or the timetable for how long they'll need to fix the service.

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