Early last year, Edin Mehic was issued a fine for belching too loudly in Italy.  The belche ciminale occurred in Vienna’s famous Prater Park, and allegedly came after a hefty kielbasa kebab with too much onion.   He was fined about $75 for disturbing the peace with, what must have been, a superman-like gas release.

But, it is truly a story of he who burps last - as Edin recently recently claimed victory over this injustice.  Not because the courts recognized every person's right to belch when it becomes necessary (or funny), but because he received a letter from the courts letting him off of the hook because there was "no proof" that the offending burp ever happened at all.  Uhhhhhhh........

Close-up on raised hands holding trophy against blue sky
A victory is a victory

We'll call that a win for all of us that have felt the need to burp swell up (so-to-speak) inside of us and yearn for freedom.  Still, mind your manners please.

The New York Daily News has more here.

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