Think the Tigers are only brave on the field, think again.

The LSU football team is ranked No. 4 in the nation and look to be a playoff team right now. Many would do anything to avoid an injury that could jeopardize the season. However, according to the Shreveport Times, for Brandon Harris and Malachi Dupre, helping out some people in Baton Rouge is more important that football.

The two helped a woman and her son, who's diabetic. Their car was overtaken by high waters due to all of the rain Baton Rouge has taken on in the last two days. Both players braved the waters to get to the car and retrieve the boy's insulin.

Les Miles recounted this story at practice on Tuesday, saying he probably would have told them not to do it.

“In fact, I would’ve probably told them to stay out of the water,” Miles said. “But truth of the matter is that they knew better. Great that everybody’s healthy, and it was a great move. But you know what, there’s a lot of real quality people on this team. It’s a football team brought together to get an education and play championship football, but there’s a lot of stories like that go untold that are pretty special.”

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