The Music City Bowl hosted in Nashville doesn't kick off until tomorrow between LSU and Notre Dame, but the trash talking has already begun, starting most publicly (allegedly) by a reporter for NBC in Nashville who remarked that, 'LSU should just go home.'

At least, that's what the video, which was clipped, would have you think.

As an LSU fan watching the shortened clip, I have to admit it ticked me off. It's well known that LSU travels well, pumping massive amounts of money into any city that we visit, so why the diss Mr. Reporter? Not SEC proud? You've got proud LSU fans wondering why we're staying in your hotels, eating in your restaurants, buying your gas and taking in the sights.  Doesn't sound like good Southern hospitality to this Southern Belle.

But, as it turns out, there's more to this story. The clipped short video makes it look like a diss, but that's not the whole clip. In fact, if you watch the whole clip, you'll see the reporter isn't dissing the Tigers or their fans at all.

WSMV Channel 4

I guess the time old adage holds true again, don't believe you see on the internet.

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