Nashville Reporter Disses LSU Fans… Or Does He [VIDEO]
The Music City Bowl hosted in Nashville doesn't kick off until tomorrow between LSU and Notre Dame, but the trash talking has already begun, starting most publicly (allegedly) by a reporter for NBC in Nashville who remarked that, 'LSU should just go home...
The One and Only: LSU Ranked #1
It’s a great feeling when USA Today agrees with all of Tigers nation, that the LSU Tigers should be ranked #1!
Despite last season’s crushing loss in the National Championship game, LSU has many returning starters from last year.
No RED Solo Cups-BCS Championship
I like football. Heck, every Friday night during my high school days, I was in the stands at Fairgrounds Stadium (now Independence Stadium) and on the field to march in the half-time show. I did the same during my college days. I helped finance my first degree by marching more half-time shows for th…