Nashville Reporter Disses LSU Fans... Or Does He
The Music City Bowl hosted in Nashville doesn't kick off until tomorrow between LSU and Notre Dame, but the trash talking has already begun, starting most publicly (allegedly) by a reporter for NBC in Nashville who remarked that, 'LSU should just go home...
The One and Only: LSU Ranked #1
It’s a great feeling when USA Today agrees with all of Tigers nation, that the LSU Tigers should be ranked #1!
Despite last season’s crushing loss in the National Championship game, LSU has many returning starters from last year.
No RED Solo Cups-BCS Championship
I like football. Heck, every Friday night during my high school days, I was in the stands at Fairgrounds Stadium (now Independence Stadium) and on the field to march in the half-time show. I did the same during my college days. I helped finance my first degree by marching more half-time shows for th…