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The LSU Men's Basketball team knows they'll be in the NCAA Tournament this year, but what their seed will be is very up in the air. But the Tigers will get a big say in that during this year's SEC Tournament.

The Tigers have seen projections for their NCAA seed as low as a 10 seed (some maybe a little lower) and have seen some projections as high as a 7 seed. But the Tigers might even be able to top that projection if they earn it in the SEC Tournament.

We know the Tigers have a double-bye in the tournament, something they're pretty used to since they've earned that bye for the last three seasons now. Which happens to make them the only team in the SEC to pull that off over those last three seasons. This year's double-by sets their first tournament game for Friday night.

The Tigers don't know exactly who their first SEC Tournament game will be against, but they have it narrowed down to two teams. Friday they will play the winner of the Ole Miss vs South Carolina game.

If the Tigers win Friday night, which is likely, they only need one or two more wins to help improve their NCAA seeding. If the Tigers find a way to run the whole SEC Tournament schedule, they might be able to move towards a 6 or 7 seed, maybe even a 5 seed, in the NCAA Tournament.

In order for LSU to win the whole SEC Tournament, they will likely have to go thorough a combination of Arkansas, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida. If they beat Arkansas and Alabama on their way to an SEC Tournament title, that would be more ranked teams that the Tigers would have as wins on their resume. It could give LSU a good argument to take a quality seed during March Madness.

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