Lately, Louisianians have been looking for an escape, and have found it at our beautiful state parks.

I must admit, I'm a longtime fan of state parks in Louisiana. Every year, my girls and I pack into a car and head over to Homer for a week of the outdoors at the beautiful Lake Claiborne State Park. There's something so special to us about that place. Nature, hiking, cabins, bonfires, wildlife, fishing, and so much more. Dad's favorite part?? No iPads, of course!

Seriously, I've told anyone that would listen about the joys of a trip to Lake Claiborne State Park, or any amazing State Park in Louisiana.

Now, for the first time in a long time, Louisianians are heading to state parks in record numbers.

Over the past two weeks, our state parks have seen over 20,000 visitors. Our state hasn't seen numbers like that since 2008! Part of the quick growth was due to a sweet deal the state has been offering where guests receive one free night if they elect to stay in a cabin. Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser credits the big up-turn inn-part to the special, saying, "I will tell you that the Louisiana people really responded to that special and booked every cabin campsite that we had available.”

Of course, the special helped, but also I feel like most of us are just ready for a break from reality. A trip to a local State Park could be just what the doctor ordered for many of us who are desperate for a quick escape.


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