Okay let's face it.  Louisiana is truly different than any of the other 49 states.  We have parishes; not counties.

We're so French/Acadian based that we even practice "Napoleonic Law" instead of whatever kind of law they practice in other states.

And when it comes to naming our towns, we have a wonderful mixture of names rich with French and Indian culture.

And here's a list of those towns who get mispronounced the most often:

  • Zwolle.  Let a foreigner look at the Zwolle city limits sign and watch their eyes glaze over.
  • Amite.  Is it Am-meet or A-mit?
  • Natchitoches.  Always funny when a new person here at the station tries to pronounce this one for the first time.
  • Thibodaux.  Get it right for a free beignet
  • Tangipahoa
  • Bogalusa
  • Coushatta.  And how often have you heard radio/television commercials that just couldn't pronounce this one right?
  • Fordoche
  • Grosse Tete
  • Keachi
  • And heck they even mispronounce Bossier City.

Just watch some of these California yuppies try to pronounce Louisiana city names.  It's a guaranteed laugh.

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