People from outside of Louisiana generally have two types of people in mind when they think of the state: timid old-fashioned rednecks, or partying Mardi Gras revelers. As someone who lived outside of the state for most of my life, I can confirm that's how people view it.

However, somewhere in between those two stereotypes is a real Louisiana. Old-fashioned rednecks who love Mardi Gras shenanigans, and partying merrymakers with strict conservative views. As someone who has spent the last few years living in Louisiana, I can confirm this.

With that mix, you probably shouldn't be shocked to know that Louisiana is home to nudists. In fact, you should expect it. But what you might not expect is that there's only ONE nudist retreat that still officially exists in Louisiana.

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Based on all of the research we could do online, there seems to be just one place that nudists can let loose and be free. Besides their own homes and property of course. It sees that the last remaining nudist resort in the state is Indian Hills Nudist Park near Slidell.

First of all, this resort is 18+, which should be pretty obvious. It features the ability to tent camp, hook up your camper, or rent one of their multiple cabins, barns, or trailers. Rentals can be as short as overnight, or they do offer monthly rental rates on their website.

This resort is set up more like a small city, and not a hotel. You get your own space, whatever level you choose, but there is also community sections as well. This includes a pool and clubhouse area.

Of course, the nudist concept isn't for everyone. But based on the Google Reviews of Louisiana's last nudist resort, there's a reason this one has stayed around. You can read more of those reviews right here:

Reviews Of Louisiana's Last Remaining Nudist Park

We took a look at the Google Reviews for Indian Hills Nudist Park and found these reviews.

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