If You Have a Pool, Get Ready to Be the Most Popular Person In Your Crew.

Does anything actually prepare us for the sweltering heat that takes over the South during the summer? You can pretend that you like the heat however we all know that you're a liar. Look at all of us miserable during the winter now begging for the cooler weather to make a comeback.

The Farmers Almanac Is Predicting a Sweltering and Wet Summer for Louisiana.

Was your first thought how can it be hot and wet at the same time? Get ready for the most humid summer ever.

Why Will It Be So Humid This Summer?

Get ready for a bunch of rain and thunderstorms. June is looking like the month that will bring numerous thunderstorms. Normally you would think "Oh that is great this will cool off Louisiana" however it will make the Bayou state a very humid state. Both the temperature and the rainfall will be above average in June which is never a good combination. We should be on the lookout for a tropical storm in mid-August. and September and October will be slightly warmer and drier than normal.

With All of Us Sweating, Now Is a Good Time to Remember to Wear Deoderant.

Let's all promise to shower daily and wear deodorant. This is a season in the Ark-La-Tex where we can't pass up showers and we need to understand that there isn't just a swamp in South Louisiana if you know what I mean. Remember to stay hydrated.

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