Based on a report from Bloomberg, Louisiana is not doing so good when it comes to gender equality.

They based their report on male to female pay ratios, and women who are in the labor force, who experience poverty, level of education and health coverage.

Diversity “leads to better problem solving, better outcomes and in some cases better financial performance,” vice president of corporate-board services at Catalyst, Brande Stellings told Bloomberg.


Louisiana news source says that Helena Moreno, Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives, is working to close the wage gap in Louisiana.

"What we're pushing this year is the prohibition of pay secrecy. Pay secrecy is a type of policy within the workplace that says employees can not talk about their wages, and if they do, there can be some type of retaliation including possibly being fired. So we want to prohibit those types of policies in Louisiana, making those effective Jan. 1 of 2018," Moreno told Fox 8.

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