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As a general rule, I try to always look at the positve side of things.  But, the older I get, the more I understand the "Get off the lawn!" old man.  I've heard it said that Louisiana is generally about 10 years behind the rest of the world.  It might not be that drastic, but do we always have to be pulling up the rear?

Republican State Representative Danny McCormick's bill that would allow people in Louisiana, 21 or older, to carry concealed guns without a permit is dead... again. The bill, which has routinely been offered to the GOP-dominated Legislature, would have eliminated all training and background check requirements to carry a concealed weapon in Louisiana.

Mccormick4la via Facebook
Mccormick via Facebook

Mccormick voluntarily withdrew his bill Tuesday during the final days of Louisiana's legislative session. McCormick stated he pulled his bill after a Senate committee added several amendments watering down the bill, including adding mandatory training.

26 states already have "permitless carry,"  meaning people are lawfully allowed to carry concealed guns without a permit. North Dakota allows concealed carry of a gun only by eligible North Dakota residents within the state's boundaries.

Louisiana came close to enacting a permitless concealed carry law in 2021, when the bill passed the House and Senate.  But then, surprise, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards vetoed the measure.

Opponents against the measure argue that the removal of permitting and the requirement for training on gun use could jeopardize public safety.  Proponents have repeatedly argued that by allowing permitless concealed carry, law-abiding citizens would have the same rights as criminals, who ignore current laws.

McCormick has stated he plans to reintroduce the bill at the next legislative session.

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