Add another one to the "Only in Louisiana" bucket.

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Only in Louisiana could two guys get arrested for illegally moving a house on public road and then just abandoning it.

Yes, it happened! It was this past Sunday morning, May 22, around 3:30 am when Iberia Parish Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to a call on Berard Road in Loreauville, Louisiana, regarding the illegal transport of a house.

Bet That's The First Time You've Ever Heard Of Those Charges

Okay, hold the phone for a minute. We've heard of illegal transport of drugs, weapons, even people, but how many times in your life you can recall that someone was in trouble with the law for illegally transporting a house?

To add insult to injury, our two villains were not only in trouble for the illegal transport of the house, but because they hadn't even separated the modular home into sections, they did an incredible amount of damage.

Because Of Downed Power Lines Nearly 700 Were Without Electricity

Deputies reported that during their move down Coteau Holmes Road, scores of mailboxes, road signs and trees were damaged. It's alleged that they knocked down a number of power lines and power poles leaving 695 CLECO customers without electricity for several hours.

It's charged that, just like the neighborhood kids who accidentally threw a baseball through a window, after seeing their destruction, our guys just left the house sitting there and ran away.

When Deputies Got To The Scene, They Found The House Totally Abandoned

IPSO Deputies say they arrived on the scene to find an abandoned truck, trailer and the house blocking the 400 block of Berard Road.

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Deputies reported back to dispatch what they were looking at.

After investigation, it was determined there were two suspects involved. Those suspects were located and immediately arrested.

Mugshot from IPSO

One of the two arrested was Tony Domingue, the homeowner, 46 years of age, charged with Violation Parish Ordinance, Obstruction of Highway Commerce and Criminal Damage to Property.

Mugshot from IPSO

The other was Nico Comeaux, 32 years of age, charged with Violation Parish Ordinance, Obstruction of Highway Commerce and Criminal Damage to Property.

Both men were booked into the Iberia Parish Jail and bond was set at $125,000.00 each. Additional charges are pending.

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