After voting for in back in 2015 the state of Louisiana is one step closer to having Medical Marijuana for those in need. After a search for a contractor to grow and produce the plant which included a possible 11 vendors LSU has officially selected their contractor. LSU selected GB Sciences which has a branch in New Orleans and is a company based out of Las Vegas.

It was important to get an outside contractor to for this because the project will cost around $11 Million to get started experts estimate and they plan on using no tax money to do it. As early as 2018 it's expected that patients with cancer, a severe form of cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and other diseases will be able to use this new natural medicine in the state of Louisiana.

The state says they will select 10 distributors and that the medicine will be in medicinal oil and other forms, but not in a form that can be smoked.

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