Thankfully, most criminals leave behind a trail of clues for investigators to find.  Clever detectives follow these clues to solve the crime and catch the bad guy.  That's the way it usually works, but not always.  Sometimes, the miscreants do something like drop their wallets at the scene of the crime, get caught on security cameras, or fall asleep in the building they are burgling.

The Advocate is reporting Shawn Landry of Ponchatoula had to take that whole "making the police's job easier" thing to a completely different level.  This 24-year old Danny Ocean wannabe attempted to sell a uniformed deputy a stolen laptop at a Murphy gas station in Ponchatoula.

The deputy (once again, in uniform) was fueling up his marked patrol car, when Mr. Landry allegedly offered to sell him the computer.  When Shawn could not prove that he owned the laptop, the deputy placed him under arrest.  Upon further investigation, Mr. Landry was also found to be driving a stolen car and was in possession of stolen credit cards and state issued ID's, plus a gun to boot.

It is not clear is he has an attorney, but it is safe to say that he doesn't have a clue!

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