In Louisiana, if you get far enough behind on your child support payments not only will your children suffer - you'll lose your ability to drive.  Thousands of residents in the Sportsman's paradise have their driver's license suspended because they fell behind on their child support payments.

Now, so-called "dead-beat parents," will have a shot at redemption (and driving again) under a new program called "On the Road Again."  This second-chance is coming courtesy of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, and if you've lost your license due to non-payment of child-support - it might be your best opportunity to get back on the right side of the law.

According to KATC, to take advantage of this program you must pay two months of court-ordered child support, $100 toward past-due support and court-ordered administrative fees.  Of course, if you have any violations connected to driving, you'll need to pay those as well.  When you're all paid up, you can legally drive again.  Which is perfect because you need to get to work - lest you (and your kids) be in the same situation again.

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