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Finally, a poll where Louisiana is near the top and it's a good thing. Well, I guess that's a matter of perspective, but when all the researching, studying and tallying was completed, it was determined that Louisiana is the second least nerdiest state in all of America.

Only Mississippi bested us on this one! And most would have to admit, they probably are even less nerdy than we are.

Zippia did the study and they ranked all the states nerdiness based on their Google searches for five different topics. Those included Star Wars, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, live-action roleplaying or LARPing and Harry Potter.

Yep, those are some nerdy things to search, BUT having witnessed the incredible popularity of our own Geek'd Con for a number of years, I'm surprised that Louisiana was the second least nerdy state in America.

So, what state is nerdiest? And the winner is Utah! Next in line comes Alaska. Wait a minute; the state where people are living "Life Below Zero" is full of nerds?  Looks like it's so!

Next in line comes Oregon, Idaho, Washington, New Hampshire, Vermont, Colorado, Maine and Arizona wraps up the Top Ten.

What is really kind of striking to see is the list of the "least nerdiest" states. It's almost like a roll call of the SEC. Mississippi is your winner. After that comes the great state of Louisiana. Then it's South Carolina, New York (How'd they get in there?), Georgia, New Jersey (another shocker), North Carolina, Alabama, Texas and Florida.

Hey Arkansas, Tennessee and Missouri, where you at?

Just take a look at this map courtesy of Zippia to see how each state ranked.

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