According to, Louisiana is home to the largest Prison Farm in America. Never would have guessed would you? (tongue in cheek on that one) And anyone who's ever visited Angola can testify, it takes a lot of groceries to feed all our prisoners and they do it better than anyone at Angola.

Course, also in Louisiana we can brag that we have the biggest voodoo doll and toothpick sculptures too!  That's a little more sexy than "prison farm."

But Texas has the whole country beat when it comes to "the largest gathering of people dressed as turkeys."  You don't hear many Cowboy fans bragging about that one though.

Arkansas can lay claim to the "largest retailer."  Say hello Walmart!

Wisconsin is top of the list when it comes to "the largest lawn mower parade."  Rhode Island has "the largest sock" and believe it or not, Oklahoma is tops when it comes to the largest single dose of LSD given to an elephant.  (Bet they can claim a World Title for that one)

I did notice that the only state not listed having the biggest "anything" was Delaware, so I thought I'd help out with an entry for that one.

See the weirdest thing from each state in the map below and to see all entries, just go to


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