If you hate the thought of waiting to get married, you're in luck!  The state of Louisiana just drastically reduced the amount of time you have to wait when it comes to sealing the matrimonial deal.  In the past, you would have to wait at least 72 hours from the time you applied for your marriage license before you could be officially married.  Last week, the Louisiana House of Representatives agreed in an overwhelming vote (84-2) to cut that wait time by two thirds.  If the measure is agreed upon in the State Senate, the waiting time for an official Louisiana marriage license will be a scant 24 hours!  In the time it takes you to get to the house and pack up everything you need for a hasty elopement - you'll be ready to be recognized as a legally married couple in the eyes of the great state of Louisiana!

FYI, the bill originally had no wait time what so ever, but lawmakers argued that people need a little time to mull this decision over.

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