Often the media is focused on the negatives here in Louisiana.

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Sure, we have our issues. Crime, roads and crooked politicians continue to garner the lion-share of news headlines, so this might come as a huge shock to many.

A new study shows that when it comes to caring for our neighbors and giving, Louisiana is the third most charitable state in the entire country.


Because most blood centers require blood donations from local residents, the website phlebotomytraining.org conducted a research piece to determine which states and cities were the most charitable in the country and when the dust had settled, they found that only Idaho and Utah were more charitable than Louisiana.

In fact, New Orleans tied with New York City and Washington D.C. as the most charitable cities in America. (Yes, you read that right)


Factors Used To Determine Which States/Cities Were Most Charitable

In this survey, respondents were asked about the types of charitable acts they've rendered so far in 2024 including volunteered time, skills and money. They were also asked about their efforts of helping strangers and if they plan to donate their organs at death.

Of Louisiana, the site determined the following:

  • Louisiana ranks as the 3rd most charitable state in 2024.
  • New Orleans ranks as the most charitable city in 2024.
  • 39% of Louisiana respondents say they help a stranger at least once a month.
  • 31% of Louisiana respondents report volunteering time at least once a month.
  • 27% of Louisiana respondents have donated professional skills like career guidance.
  • 71% are or plan to be an organ donor!

Take a look at the full report see just what else they discovered about Louisiana and the entire country.

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