There are still several words I can't even begin to try and pronounce correctly when it comes to Cajun words.

I took French in Jr. High and my teacher would scold me for trying to put a Spanish accent on everything I'd say. It's safe to say I didn't make it far into my French learning. After moving to Louisiana I wish I did. There are so many words I can't even try to pronounce.

Luckily with TikTok, I have the gift of learning the most random things.

A TikTok user decided to ask her Grandma for some explanations on words and the video is hilarious.

Have you ever heard of a fais do-do? Apparently, our favorite Louisiana Granny claims its one heck of a Saturday night dance party.

I had heard of a cher, and no not the famous singer. However, did you know there's a cher baby? Which basically means a sweetheart.

Whenever you have a really good meal, you can let the cajun chef know "c'est bon". This means that's good, really good!

Notice how I didn't try to help with spelling out the pronunciation?

I can't seem to even try to spell it out. My best suggestion is you to listen to our Louisiana grandma say that word over and over until you can pronounce it just like her.

Check out the now-viral TikTok below:

@southern_livingCajun grandmas know 👏 ##grandmasoftiktok ##louisianacheck ##southernsayins ##learnontiktok ##tiktokpartner

♬ original sound - Southern Living

We hope that our favorite grandma from Louisiana continues to give us some quick crash courses on how to properly use and pronounce some cajun words. We have a feeling there is more where that came from.

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