If you have found yourself on the Louisiana side of TikTok you know all about Erock.

Is It The Blue Eyes That Has Us Loving Erock?

Okay, maybe it's the fact that he calls us all Coullions. Point is, Erock makes everyone feel like they are Louisiana born and bred, and if you aren't he will teach you really fast.

When Erock Isn't Busy Teaching Us How to Pronounce Cajun Words He's Teaching Us How to Eat Like a Cajun.

His latest video has some Louisianans claiming he isn't "doing it right". What is the drama all about? Eating crawfish of course.

I Think Erock Knows What He Is Talking About.

I mean his accent alone is enough o convince me he is the king of Cajuns. He is quick to remind people you always suck the head for the juice. I do this and I get made fun of.

Erock Has a Genius Tip for First Time Crawfish Eaters.

He shows us how the trick is to use your thumbs.  Erock showed us his thumb power and how you have to "peel off the first segment". Weird right? You'll have to watch the video for it to make sense. TikTok user @frazier_601 added "For people that are curious you level up once you don’t have to pull that one section off you just pinch the tail and pull the meat with your teeth."

Check out the video below:


@heyerock Crawfish 101. ❤️ #Louisiana #coullioncrew #skylight4life ♬ original sound - EROCK

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