I remember being a kid and hearing Selena everywhere, the supermarkets, restaurants, really anywhere with a radio would play Selena. Selena was a huge influence in the Tejano community. When someone asks me what Tejano music is, it's simple, it's Spanish Country music. Tejano Music is complete with Rodeos, wranglers, and cowboy hats. Selena was the Shania Twain of Tejano music. She was revolutionary, she didn't fit the mold, and that is what made her perfect. Selena took Tejano music and mixed it with Cumbia which drove everyone wild and she made people fall in love with a funky new sound. Selena bonded people together, "Both non-Hispanics and Hispanics had a love affair with her. She was new, she had a way of bringing everyone together" said Kathy Maldonado, a Selena fan who watched her career blossom. "She brought classic and sexy to the Tejano music scene" Maldonado added.

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History received donations from Univision and inside of a TV Camera they found this gem of a video. This interview for "Tejano USA" has not been seen for over 20 years. Selena performed at the "Texas Live" Music Festival in San Antonio on April 1994. Selena was murdered March 31, 1995 by the President of her Fan Club Yolanda Saldivar. George W. Bush who was the Governor of Texas at the time declared Selena's birthday Selena Day in Texas. "anything for Salinas!"

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