Word is that Casey Anthony is considering a $1 million interview deal offered to her by freelance television producer Al Taylor. Taylor set up a company and obtained investors for one reason, the potential interview with Casey Anthony. Taylor also spoke with WESH news stating that if the deal is successful his first question will be "Did you do it?". Hear from Taylor and his interview plans in this news video.

Casey Anthony Released From Jail


Taylor also says he is willing to pay any jurors who are willing to come forward for an interview. Taylor says he has already met with Casey Anthony and reports that Casey's first question to him was "where is the check?".

As downright sick as I am of hearing Nancy Grace call Casey Anthony "Tot Mom" I am reasonably interested in seeing a Casey Anthony interview, but I get a sleezy used car salesman vibe from this Taylor fellow. We will see soon enough if the deal goes through--money is an excellent motivator.

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