If you want the job, honesty is key.

Getting a job can be super tough, especially when there's a long list of candidates throwing their resumes into the ring. You want to stand out because you feel like if you can just get in front of these people, you can sell them on who you are and why you deserve the job. However, lying should never be an option.

Employers don't want someone who is willing to be hired under false pretenses.

A recent survey conducted by TopResume confirmed this. In fact, 97 percent of employers say that a resume lie would cause them to reconsider hiring the soon-to-be employee. In other words, dishonest can cost you the job.

The survey also revealed the lies that are most frowned upon.

According to Talent Inc., who published the results of this survey, the worst lie is lying about your academic degree. 89 percent of employers agree that this is a serious offense. This lie even edged out lying about your criminal records... but not by much.

Here is a list of common resume lies and what percentage of employers agree that they are serious offenses.

Academic Degree -- 89%

Criminal Record -- 88%

Certifications and Licenses -- 85%

Work Experience -- 84%

Technical Skills and Proficiencies 75%

Read more here to find out how employers determine if information on your resume has been falsified.

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