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Moo-ve over national dairy chains, residents in our part of the world have a new choice in fresh milk and dairy products made a lot closer to home!  If you'd like your milk to taste a little more like home - Hiland Dairy latest expansion is making your dream come moo true.

According to report from North Texas E-News, the rapidly growing dairy franchise is expanding operations to include Shreveport, Louisiana and Paris, Texas.  The distribution chain is so short, the company claims that the milk goes from farm to your stores cooler within 48 hours!  With dairy farms just a stones throw away in Tyler, Texas - our milk is about to get so fresh, you'll swear you were drinking it in an open pasture with the cow that made it by your side!

Dairy Farming In Waikato
Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images

In just 10 years, this farmer-owned dairy company based in Springfield, Missouri has conquered the gigantic Texas market.  You can find Hiland milk, cheese, butter, eggnog, and more in any major city in the state - and it looks like they have their eyes set on Louisiana for their next conquest.  Why?  With a firm hold on Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Oklahoma - we seem like the next natural choice.

In fact, you may already be enjoying one of their products - Red Diamond Tea.


That's right, the dairy company that wants to dominate in the Sportsman's Paradise makes the only sweet tea (besides homemade) I'll ever drink.  If they can make tea like that, I feel like I can trust them with my chocolate milk.

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