Local 18-year-old American Idol contestant and Benton High School senior Garrett Jacobs lost one of his biggest cheerleaders over the weekend, his beloved grandmother, 'Honey.'

As viewers, we got our first taste of Honey during Garrett's auditions, when he revealed to the judges that she was his biggest fan.

Then in the promos for American Idol, we got to see more of Honey and her unwavering support of Garrett.

Of course, I think my favorite Honey moment was when she got to see Garrett on stage in Hollywood and said she thought he was the, 'sexiest thing out there!' Precious!

With all of the above being said, it was sad to see Garrett post the following over the weekend about his beloved grandmother, Honey.

Ok guys, I have some very sad news so please read this message and keep me and my family in your prayers. So, The past couple of days have been a whirlwind. You all may not know this, but Honey(my grandmother that you saw on TV) has COPD. These past couple of days she has had a lot of complications with her breathing. This led up to her suffering from pulmonary spasms on Thursday. We were able to get her to the ER but her breathing would not regulate. As a result, she had to be intubated in order to try and regulate her breathing. This means the doctors had to sedate her and place a breathing tube into her throat. She has now been intubated for almost 3 days and we also found out after intubating her that she suffered from a heart attack during the pulmonary spasms because of the amount of stress being put on her heart before intubation. Her heart suffered a lot of damage and is not functioning very well at all. Blood tests have shown that Honey’s levels are not doing well and her body is not recovering and it has been reported that she cannot recover from the damage. In Honey’s will, she wrote that she would never want to live off of a machine if she could not live for herself. All of this is to say that my amazing grandmother Charlotte (Honey) Durrett will have the tube removed today and be allowed to pass peacefully onto our heavenly father. Please keep my family in your prayers and pray that Honey passes in peace. Thank you so much for your prayer, love, support, and encouragement. I love her so much and I am very overwhelmed by how fast and how unexpected this situation came to be. Always remember that life is a gift and every day is another chance to love.

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That post was then followed up with this post the evening of Sunday, May 6, 2018.

While I don't know Honey or Garrett personally, I feel like we got to know them during their Idol experience. Many of us tuned in just to see Garrett and his family and to cheer them on and if you're liked me, you followed them on social media... and probably still do. Words can't express how sorry we are for your loss. Please accept our prayers of comfort and strength for you and your family during your time of loss.

Our team members at K945 were lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with Honey during Garrett's journey. Here's that interview. Rest in Peace Honey!

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