Ok, so I live under a field stone and didn’t see Rebecca Black “Friday” on the first go round. Now I have seen the You Tube video that “…beat out anything to do with  Occupy, the Presidential election, two wars, Steve Jobs, sports stories like the cult of Tim Tebow and about everything else that happened in 2011.” It’s critiqued as “cheesy.” It’s said her parents shelled out $4,000 so she could shoot it. However one feels about it and the “cloud” (of technology, lifestyle, etc.) that surrounds it, several things stand out about it for me. If Rebecca wrote it, even with help, the premise is a clever, bright, catchy, sing-able, honestly infectious refreshing perspective about a day we ALL anticipate every week. For that, it deserves a big HOO Rah! (Hope you military types don’t mind.) Its production for the budget IS surprisingly HIGH END. And that observation holds up for staging, (even if I don’t recognize the cameo dude) to the editing, to the studio mix track, to the song track overdub and through scenes that certainly express “Friday Mentality” without debauchery and decadence often associated with partying.  Last and perhaps most important, as a 14 or 15 year old, if her parents sanctioned it, chaperoned it and participated in the production process, I see a Parental Cornerstone of love and support in times such as ours that should ensure Rebecca grows up safe and sane. Even if they’re ivolvement is minimal (but I have the impression it’s not), we should all strive to be so expectantly guileless.