Okay, so maybe I'm a little grumpy these days, but as a lifelong Louisiana resident in my mid fifties, I feel as though I've earned the right to gripe a little about some of the things I deem injustices here in the Pelican State.

I've lived in Bossier Parish for the past twenty years, and for about fifteen of those twenty years, I've not had a home phone.  Those days have come and gone with the advent of the cell phone.  But somehow or another, certain companies still think I somehow need a phone book.  Course, we all know it's just so they can sell their advertising, but nonetheless, I don't want this book and I'm not going to take it anymore.

Over the weekend, this un-named company, decided they'd throw another one of these phone books in the middle of my driveway.  This forces me to take some sort of action...or inaction for that matter.

  1. I can pick it up and use it (NOT going to happen)
  2. I can pick it up and throw it away
  3. I can do nothing and just leave it lying there, like all the other trash that people think they should just throw out of their window when the feeling hits

I don't understand how this is legal.  I didn't ask for this to be delivered to my home.  I'm not a customer of this company.  Yet, somehow, it's now my job to dispose of this unsolicited phone book.  Why?  If I ordered it, it SHOULD be my responsibility to handle it.  But I didn't.  I just happen to own a home and this company has found it their responsibility to litter my driveway.

What if I were to do the same thing? Just drive door-to-door and throw out unsolicited trash in everyone's driveway.  Wouldn't I be rightfully ticketed for littering?  You bet!

And that's all I'm asking of our Louisiana legislators.  Make it illegal to throw this stuff out unless it's requested.  And then do it like all other junk mail distributors. Pay the Post Office to deliver it in the mailbox.

Just hoping I haven't ranted too long and maybe you'll take the time to sign the petition I just created on Change.org.  Maybe our government will pay attention.

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