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The search for a silver lining during 2020 is less like finding your keys and more like finding the Ark of the Covenant.  Difficult, to say the least, but not impossible.

For starters, parents got to (or had to, depending on who you ask) spend way more time with their kids.  Sure, some of it was spent desperately trying to figure out how distance learning works - but all-in-all being able to be with the ones you love for an extended amount of time is a blessing.

Here another bright side to living through this pandemic: All of that time together is making your kids more responsible!  According to Moneywise, kids in the United States did 20% more chores during the lockdown.  Citing a poll commissioned by kid-friendly debit card makers Greenlight.

In total, our kids in this country saved a whopping $51.5 million in allowance money this year.  I am assuming that is a side effect of making more money for taking out the trash and washing dishes and not being able to go anywhere to spend it.  Here's what makes that number even more impressive: Greenlight's data on kids spending habits showed a whopping 74% increase in charitable donations.  That's right, not only did they become more responsible around the house, they became more responsible to their community during a time of need.

Yes, this is a strange and scary time in the U.S., but if this data is correct - our kids might be better people for it.  You can totally take credit for that, by the way.

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