LeBron James has MVP awards, NBA titles and endorsement deals up the wazoo, but they all pale in comparison to this technological masterpiece.

Yes, that's a TV. At least we think it's a TV. It looks like one of those giant monitors NASA workers have in front of them in the dark control room while they frantically press buttons in an attempt to bring home the stranded astronaut in any disaster movie.

LeBron's daughter is dwarfed by the screen to the point she seems more like a member of the Lollipop Guild than a toddler standing in front of a TV so large it can fit in two zip codes.

This thing is huge. HUGE! Huge, like it may be bigger than a floor-to-ceiling window at of an airport gate where 747s fly in and out with the ease of a LeBron breakaway dunk.

After seeing this, all we can think is: what does the sound system look like?

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