Things could be changing for students across the state very soon. The Louisiana Department of Health is recommending the suspension of all extracurricular activities students take part in while we deal with rising Covid numbers.

But this recommendation falls short of a mandate to stop all extracurricular activities at schools.

What Is the LDH Recommending?

Extracurricular activities would include all sports events, cheerleading, band, music and theater events along with all after school social functions like dances.

The LDH is also urging school board's to call for masks both indoors and outdoors when social distancing is not possible.

State Epidemiologist Theresa Sokol says if "prevention measures are not followed, outbreaks could force school closures."

At this point, it looks like it will be up to each school district to decide what they will do. So far no announcements have been made about the plans at local schools.

Since Wednesday, 12,467 new #COVID cases have been reported to the state. This is a new single-day record – surpassing the record from Tuesday. This positivity rate is out of 54,374 tested.

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