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As 2022 kicked off, the Shreveport City Council approved a 13% pay raise across the board for city employees. That final vote back in January was a 5-2 vote to approve the increases. The only two Council members who voted against the raise were John Nickelson and Grayson Boucher.

Those 13% raises went into effect in February, and were reflected starting on City employees' February 15th paychecks.

Once these raises were complete, the salaries across City employees transformed in a massive way. As of January 1st, 2022 there were 38 City of Shreveport employees who were making more than $100,000 a year. There are now over 50 employees who have reached that threshold. There are now over 70 City employees who make more than $95,000 a year in their salary, with the potential to quickly surpass $100,000 with overtime, bonuses, or other individual bumps.

After the raises were settled in place, a Public Records Request was submitted to see the public information on the new City employee salaries across the board. This was necessary, because there was rampant confusion about the 13% increases.

The confusion was over which employees would receive the raise, and how much it would be for particular departments. Some City employees believed they were only going to receive a 6% raise. While some that are paid by the City of Shreveport did not qualify at all. So it was important to allow the dust to settle, and a few pay cycles to pass, to make sure the numbers correctly reflected the increases.

Here are the post-raise salaries:

Largest Shreveport City Salaries After 2022 Pay Raises

Earlier this year, Shreveport employees received a 13% pay increase across the board. This salary information was provided by the City of Shreveport after a Public Records Request, and reflect salaries after those raises started. We will list the City Department, and Position, exactly as they are described by the City of Shreveport in the Public Records Request.

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