If you ever needed an excuse to buy Kenny Chesney's new album, here is the perfect excuse to splurge. Kenny Chesney is putting his money where his heart and mouth is. Remember Hurricane Irma the Category 5 storm that turned the Virgin Islands upside down? Kenny Chesney hasn't forgotten all the damage that Hurricane Irma caused. Chesney created a new nonprofit called Love for Love City. The new nonprofit will help with the rebuilding and relief that the Virgin Islands are in dire need of. Chesney decided that all his profits from his upcoming album "Song for the Saints" will go directly to Love for Love City.

Kenny Chesney's home in the virgin Islands was completely destroyed, instead of focusing on his home, he is putting all hands on deck to get others back up on their feet. Supporting this album will help so many people in dire need. Raise your glass to Kenny Chesney, may he live long, continue prospering and loving on people. Kenny's "Songs for the Saints" album will be released on July 27th!

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