Federal judges in New Orleans and Lafayette have rejected requests from bar owners for a restraining order against the Governor’s bar closure order. Those owners are suing the state over the issue.

Loyola Law Professor Dane Ciolino says there’s a good legal reason why the requests were rejected.

“I imagine these judges looked at these lawsuits and found the likelihood of these lawsuits is low and for that reason denied the temporary injunction,” says Ciolino.

The Governor’s order restricts bars from serving customers on-premise but does allow for customers to buy to-go drinks. To-go drinks have been banned in New Orleans.

The New Orleans case will be heard on the 14th and the Lafayette case will be heard on the 17th. Ciolino says this decision is a blow to those filing the suits.

“I would expect that a lot of the momentum that was behind these lawsuits will be lost now that the judge has denied this,” says Ciolino.

Ciolino does not expect the plaintiffs to have much success going forward.

“The standard of review under the US Constitution of proclamations and regulations that affect public health like these do is very deferential,” says Ciolino.

(Story written by Matt Doyle/Louisiana Radio Network)



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