In a news story released from KSLA, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board has just approved a proposal from Bossier Casino Venture LLC to open a new Margaritaville Casino in Bossier City.  Next will be for this proposal to go before Bossier City residents in the form of a local referendum by the Bossier Parish Police Jury.

According to BuffettWorld,

"The complex, which would cost $170 million, would include a 400-room hotel and Margaritaville restaurant. It would include parking for 1,500 vehicles and an entertainment facility for concerts."

Not being much of a gambler myself, the casino part is that big of an attraction but I'm thinking that the possibility of Jimmy Buffett coming in for an occasional concert or event could be awesome!  I guess the big question is "Can our area support another venture like this?"  Thoughts?

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