An intense video has been released by a North Carolina police department showing one of their own in a "heroic rescue" of an unconscious driver involved in a fiery crash.

The incident in the video took place back in August, but the footage wasn't released by the Salisbury Police Department until this week.

How The Truck Caught On Fire

According to a press release from the Salisbury Police Department, lieutenant Corey Brooks was responding to a separate incident after hours when he saw a semi-truck smash into a retaining wall. The truck immediately caught fire.

Given the nature of the fire, Brooks needed to act before assistance could arrive at the scene.

The video shared by the Salisbury Police Department on Facebook shows Brooks rushing to truck to check on the driver.

"Sir, you need to get out of the cab of the truck," the officer yells as he opens the door to find an unconscious driver.

Brooks is able to pull the driver from the cab as the flames intensify. A passing driver assisted with getting the truck's driver to the other side of the road and away from the burning vehicle.

Seconds later, there is a loud bang as the entire cab of the truck is engulfed in flames.

According to the Salisbury Police Department, the driver started to gain consciousness as fire and EMS arrived at the scene. He was transported to a local hospital and later released to recover at home.

Willing To Risk His Life

Brooks has worked in law enforcement for the past 24 years. He joined the Salisbury Police Department in 2001.

In an interview with WSOC in Charlotte, Brooks said he realized he was risking his life entering the cab of the flaming truck.

"This truck can go at anytime and I was thinking I am either going to die here with him or I am going to get him out of here," he told the TV station. "When it hit the wall, it scared me because it's not everyday you see a tractor trailer hit a wall that fast."

Salisbury Police Department via Facebook
Salisbury Police Department via Facebook

Brooks still does not know the identity of the passing motorist who helped him pull the truck's driver to safety.

"I wish I knew who she was but she was like an angel; she appeared out of nowhere and she helped me get him across the road," he told WSOC.

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