Episode 4 of 1923 revealed Jacob Dutton's (Harrison Ford) fate on Sunday (Jan. 8), after Episode 3 left the Dutton family patriarch hanging between life and death.

Is Jacob Dutton Alive or Dead on 1923?

As it turns out, he's alive — barely. Episode 4 teases viewers for a while by showing Cara Dutton (Helen Mirren) cleaning up in the kitchen where Jacob's surgery took place after the attack from the devious Banner Creighton (Jerome Flynn) and his men, before finally revealing that Jacob has lived through the night, but is far from out of the woods.

In a subsequent scene, he regains consciousness enough to give Cara some advice on what she needs to do while he is incapacitated, since they can't let word get around that he is not capable of leading the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

What Happens to Jack Dutton and Elizabeth Stafford in 1923 Episode 4?

Both Jack (Darren Mann) and Elizabeth (Michelle Randolph) are still recovering from their own injuries, and Elizabeth's mother shows up to take her home to the East Coast along with the body of her father, who also died in Creighton's attack. But Elizabeth, given a clear choice, chooses to stay with the Duttons and her new life, and Cara backs her despite her mother's extreme objection.

What Happens to Banner Creighton in 1923 Episode 4?

Creighton has so far gotten away with his attack on the Duttons, and in his emboldened state, he begins to devise a plan to take their land away from them. He schemes with Donald Whitfield (Timothy Dalton), an unscrupulous, wealthy man who agrees to fund an army of men for Creighton to campaign against the Duttons in exchange for mineral rights on their land if he succeeds in stealing it. Creighton commences his campaign immediately, engaging in the theft of a large part of their herd, as well as the herds of a number of other local ranchers.

What Happens With Cara Dutton in 1923 Episode 4?

Cara Dutton is forced to step up to ad-hoc run Jacob's role as Livestock Commissioner, but she can't let it be known that he is incapacitated. She tells them he is in Wyoming chasing cattle thieves, and she calls for a vote that commissions warrant power and a police force for enforcing the livestock laws, which the governor is on track to push through. In a confrontation with Creighton afterward, she warns him that his fight is with her now, and she plans to kill him slowly.

What Happens With Teonna Rainwater in 1923 Episode 4?

Teonna (Aminah Nieves) and her young Native American friends continue to suffer abuse from the nuns at the Indian School where they are forced to live, but once again, she intervenes in the abuse and strikes one of the nuns, whereupon Sister Mary (Jennifer Ehle) knocks her unconscious with a shovel and ties her to a chair, where she beats her so badly that she breaks the piece of wood she is striking her with.

Teonna ultimately relents and asks Sister Mary to "save" her and teach her to be a Christian, but it's a ruse on her part, of course. Later that night, when everyone is sleeping, we see her don war paint and visit Sister Mary, whom she beats in her bed before stuffing her mouth and choking her to death, telling her in her native tongue, "Know that I am the land and I am killing you."

She heats one of the rulers the nun had used to mete out punishment and scars her face with it before she departs, and she takes a pair of scissors as she goes ... which really doesn't bode well for the other nuns she may intend to visit on her way out the door.

What Happens With Spencer Dutton and Alexandra in 1923 Episode 4?

Spencer Dutton (Brandon Sklenar) and Alexandra (Julia Schlaepfer) continue their idyllic love affair, but it's interrupted by harsh reality at the end of the episode, after she finds an entire stack of letters from Cara that he has never even opened. He explains that he did not think he could afford the sentiments of home during the war, and he has since been trying not to feel anything.

She decides to help him fight his demons by reading the letters out loud to him, and while it initially causes him flashbacks to the war, it turns into an exercise in sweetness as she gets to know his zany family though the letters ... that is, until the final one, which turns out to be Cara's letter from Episode 3 letting him know that John is dead, Jacob and Jack are shot and he must return home. As the episode ends, we learn that the letter was dated three months ago.

What Can We Expect From the Rest of 1923?

1923 is taking a break after Episode 4, and it will return on Sundays on the Paramount+ streaming service on Feb. 5. According to creator Taylor Sheridan, 1923 — which serves to connect the original Yellowstone prequel 1883 with the modern-day Duttons — will run for two seasons.

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