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With spooky season upon us in Louisiana, you won't believe the number of people here who have had a paranormal experience! I've long thought that Louisiana had to be one of the most haunted states in the country... just look at our history.

How many people in Louisiana believe they've had a paranormal 'experience?'

42% of Americans report having felt an 'unexplained' presence. I just know that number is higher in Louisiana. We've all been there. You feel the hair on your neck stand up and you know you're not alone, even though you know you are. It's creepy AF! If the sheer number of folks who report having a spooky experience doesn't freak you out, check out these stats. In the same survey, 37% said that they've heard inexplicable sounds such as footsteps or voices. And, an astonishing 19% say they've seen apparitions or ghostly figures!

How often is a home haunted vs. just in need of repair?

This data was assembled by They wanted to know how many 'hauntings' were really a case of your home needing something repaired. For instance, they say vinyl siding can make popping sounds when the temperature changes, and that loose siding can make some really weird noises if it's windy out. I've personally heard what sounded like footsteps in my home in the Broadmoor area of Shreveport. It literally started happening within days of my father passing away in my house. I truly thought my dad was with me. However, we found the cause of the sound. Roof rats! So, in this instance, we had a repairman come out and fix the hole in our roof. Problem solved! But are all 'inexplicable sounds' as easily identified? I think not!

Where in your house are you most likely to encounter a 'presence?

More than half of the people in the survey report having spooky experiences in their bedroom! What actually surprises me is that only 19% of the folks surveyed say they prayed after their experience. You better believe I'd have a cross up in every room and then smudge each room with sage just to be safe. I might even call in a priest! It's interesting to note that the average age of the house where unusual experiences have occurred was 88 years old. Just saying...

So, have you ever had an experience? I'd love to hear from you. My entire family says the home we used to have in Ohio was haunted. Lights would go on and off like someone was walking through the home when NO ONE WAS HOME. The garage door would even go up and down. It could have been an electrical problem, but I'm pretty sure I saw something in the basement early one morning. If you've had an experience or would like to sound off, shoot me a message using our free app or email me at

Here are some more 'spooky' stats thanks to

  • 31% of us are freaked out by old homes
  • 39% say they've felt the presence of a deceased family member or friend
  • 1 in 6 Americans believe their home is haunted
  • 16% say they've found weird items in their home left by the previous owners
  • 24% say they would buy a haunted home
  • 33.4% of the homes in New Orleans were built in 1939 or before

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