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If you've ever watched Naked and Afraid on TV and thought, 'I could do that,' then you need to test your mettle with this real-life Louisiana version first!

What is the TV show Naked and Afraid all about?

The premise is simple, you take two people, one man and one woman, and dump them in one of the most extreme, remote places on Earth and leave them with no food, no water, no clothes, and only one survival item each... Then follow them around with cameras documenting their experience. via Walt via Walt

Well... what's more extreme or remote than a Louisiana swamp crawling with snakes, bugs, and lots of other things that would be happy to eat you? Nothing! That's why I invite you to try this insane Airbnb experience!

Imagine my surprise when I ran across the 'experiences' option while browsing Airbnb! I had heard about it before and was searching for something to do that was out of the ordinary. Well, this one is certainly unique to Louisiana and is sure to get you out of your comfort zone. via Walt via Walt

What's the Louisiana version of Naked and Afraid?

Meet Walt from Akers, Louisiana. Walt teaches basic swamp survivor skills. Walt is a Louisiana native and 13-year Naval Special Warfare veteran who has also spent 8 years teaching basic survival skills to at-risk youth. In short, Walt knows what he's doing, and for $400, Walt will teach you how not to die if you're ever stranded in a swamp. Here's how they describe the experience on Airbnb:

This is an adventure in the basics of survival along with a beautiful in-depth swamp tour, where most fear to tread. See nature like never before, while learning the basic survival skills needed for everything from the end of the world to the zombie apocalypse;) You will learn to build basic shelters in the wilderness, make fire like the Native Americans did, basic food foraging, and much more... when we are done, you will leave feeling better about yourself and your capabilities, as well as have a greater appreciation for the wilderness and nature. via Walt via Walt

I don't know about you, but Walt sounds like a badass. I think I'll stick with going kayaking in nice clear water!

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