Now that it's official, it makes two bowl bids locked in for Conference USA, and both of them are "destination" bowl bids. Earlier this month, Florida International announced they would be playing in the Bahama's Bowl.

That means Conference USA has 4, or 5, more bowl bids to fill. The next bowls include the Boca Raton Bowl, New Mexico Bowl, First Responder Bowl, and the New Orleans Bowl. The 5th game they could be invited to is Shreveport's Walk-On's Independence Bowl, but that will only happen if the SEC can't send a team to Shreveport (which seems VERY likely that they won't).

So with Louisiana Tech not in the mix for a possible trip to Shreveport, all eyes now fall on North Texas, who would be the next regional team that may have a chance to play in Shreveport's Indy Bowl.

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