After seeing everyone posting about it on Facebook, we had to try it at the McCoy house...and it worked.  Our regular, everyday, broom that normally stands in the corner waiting for the latest McCoy boy spill, or muddy shoe, stood in the middle of the floor all by itself!  I was amazed!  My wife told me that the rumor is that if we left the broom alone, it would stand there by itself until the planets finally get "out of alignment".   I actually started researching this and read all about the "possible causes" of this including the possibility of the equinox being the culprit.  Even Snopes says it's FALSE.  One site, Common Sense Conspiracy says that only flat brooms will do this...not an angled broom.  Wait a minute; ours is an angled broom and it's standing right now.  So that's far from the truth!  So, why is it happening?  I have no idea, but I can certainly testify that it's NOT a hoax.  Maybe it's just one of those things we're not supposed to trigonometry.