I was sitting at my favorite coffee shop and I heard "Well we are going to go out of town and leave the kids with my parents so we can go Christmas shopping this weekend." Umm excuse me? Christmas shopping? It's not even December yet. Am I the only one that thinks it's way too much to go shopping this early?

Tammy, Krystal Montez
Tammy, Krystal Montez

I had to call the Queen of Holidays Tammy, and ask for her professional opinion. When did she start buying Christmas presents? "I bought most of the Christmas presents in June!" she said cheerfully, "Every time a Facebook ad comes on and I think of someone, or they like something, I add it to the cart." I guess it's a smart idea to Christmas shop that way. That one wishful item actually lands under the tree because of a Facebook like.

"There is no such thing as shopping for Christmas too early. I do everything online, there's no way I am going into a store these days. I buy so many random things, I put them up and forget about it. By the time gift wrapping comes around I'll find random gifts for people and they get a couple of extra presents. I should make a list now that I think about it, and check it twice. I need to be more like Santa." Tammy joked. Through all my years of knowing the Holiday Queen Tammy, I have never seen her show up late anywhere. Tammy claims "If you're not early you're late. Same goes with Christmas shopping!" Are you like Tammy? Do you shop for friends and family as early as June? or do you wait it out until Black Friday? Do you have any Christmas shopping hacks? Tell us about it.

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