Is there a good Samaritan going around and paying off student loan debt for random strangers in Lousiana? We are all a tad perplexed by this news story that broke out. Here is what we know. On Saturday reports started being sent to KFLY about student loan debt accounts being paid in full or showing up as closed. This all came to light when several student borrowers saw their credit scores shoot up dramatically and realized what happened to their student loans so they reported it to KLFY.

A man identified as Richard told KLFY he investigated his credit score going up by 20 points and that is when he realized that his student loans were listed as paid in full and closed. Richard claimed he owed over $28,000 in student loans. He reached out to KLFY to see if anyone else had reported the same blessing that he received.

If you plan to look into it just know that US Department of Education website won't give you any information regarding the ability to be anonymous and pay off someone's debt.  We did see that there are several ways that student loan debt can be forgiven, canceled or discharged. Check it out by clicking here.

Could this all be one big glitch? Some student loan accounts can show up on your end as closed if another agency has taken over on collections. Time will tell, but we are cheering on our lucky friends who have had their student loans erased!

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