Over 70 homeless people had spent their Tuesday night camping in tents near Chicago's University Village. The homeless people had 100 propane tanks donated in order for them to keep warm during record-breaking low temperatures. Unfortunately for this small homeless community one of the propane tanks exploded and the Chicago Fire Department had to take action. With all of the propane tanks in use, a huge explosion could happen that could be like a bomb going off. The propane tanks were confiscated by the fire department. Temperatures were minus 22 degrees and a wind chill of 49 degrees below zero. How would these homeless people keep warm? The Polar vortex has already claimed the life of 11 people.

A good Samaritan learned about 70 homeless people freezing. What did the anonymous good samaritan do? Booked hotel rooms and put up all 70 homeless people in a warm hotel room. Talk about a beautiful warm blessing. Whoever that good Samaritan may be, thank you. Our faith in humanity restored!

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