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I have personally spent the last thirty five years broadcasting in Shreveport radio and I've made the statement scores of times that, "when it comes to helping our own, nobody comes through like Shreveport/Bossier."

That has certainly been tested over the past year and not only did we come through with flying colors, apparently the entire United States bought into the theory of helping others through these trying pandemic times.

In a research piece done by Smile Train, the findings were nothing short of amazing. The survey sought to determine how Americans prioritized donating their time and money to charitable organizations during the unprecedented year of crisis we've just experienced.

What they found will warm your soul! Over half of Americans, 56% to be exact, have made some type of monetary donation over the past year.

In fact, 41% say they've increased their donation patterns and nearly a third have increased the amount they donated.

So, what's this telling us? In spite of growing civil unrest, skyrocketing unemployment, near complete shutdown of certain industries and a presidential election, people dug deeper and more often into their own pockets to help others.  What an incredibly positive statement about status quo of we Americans.

Some other interesting findings included the fact that older Americans were more likely to donate their money while younger Americans were more willing to make donations of their time.

Additionally, most Americans seemed more willing to donate to causes or organizations that help children or would provide food to the homeless. Again, it's things like this that make me proud to be American.

To read more of the findings, check out the story written by prnewswire and maybe you'll feel the same pride it brought me.

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