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With the holiday shopping season in full swing, we're all looking for a way to grab a few extra bucks wherever we can.  If you're struggling to find some much needed Christmas cash, have you thought about looking in your past?

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You may have left behind more money than you think

As we navigate this insane thing we call "adult life," we sometimes live a little cash behind.  I'm not talking about the roughly $5.83 that's probably hiding deep in your couch cushions right now, I'm talking about the potentially thousands of dollars you've left behind as deposits, overpayments and more!

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The state has to give your money back, if you ask for it

As much as the great state of Louisiana would L-O-V-E to keep your hard earned cash, they legally can't.  What they can do is collect it for you in a neat little pile just waiting for you to claim.  I'm talking about one of my favorite destinations on the internet - the Louisiana unclaimed property website.

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Even if you're super responsible, you may have left some cash behind

Every state has one of these clearing-houses for money that their residents have just plain forgotten about.  You may think that you're way too responsible to leave any significant amount of money behind, but wouldn't you just love to be wrong this time?  It only takes a few minutes to find out, and there is a whole bunch of cash out there - what do you have to lose?  Money, you could be losing out on money.

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The amount of hard-earned money left unclaimed is way more than you think

According to KLFY, Louisiana Treasurer John Schroder just announced that in the Sportsman's Paradise there is currently $5.7 million just sitting in unclaimed property.  This is money you may have left in the past in the form of utility deposits, bill overpayments, stock dividends, refunds and more that could have your name on it!

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Now's the time to claim your money!

Now is the perfect time to check for you to lay claim to your hard-earned, but forgotten about, money.  Louisiana residents (both current and former) can start the process by simply visiting the database at the treasury's official website here.  You just type in your name to search, find your little pot of gold, and lay claim to it!  After that, the state will cut a check and send it right to you - hopefully in time for Christmas!

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