If you are single today, congratulations. There is a day dedicated to remind you that you are still single. Guess who gets the fun question once a week of "oh so is there anyone special in your life these days?" Listen Glenda, just ask me if I found someone, be direct. "Are you still very much single?" saves us both the time. If there is a National Single Awareness Day I think we should truly celebrate it. Here are some changes I would like to see in order to truly admire and appreciate the day.

  1. The landlord calls and tells you that you only have to pay half your rent, in celebration of Single Awareness Day. (We all know those couples who moved in together just to save money right?)
  2. Your family members quit trying to set you up with their awkward co-workers.
  3. A concierge service for a week. The dogs need to be let out, you're sick of take out, you're craving a home cooked meal, you need the laundry picked up from the cleaners. Basically a free week of honey do's.
  4. Your BFF who has a other half gets to come over and Netflix and Hulu binge with you for a week straight. (Don't you miss that the most?)
  5. Your BFF gets to join you out on the town for the weekend without their significant other. It's like the good ole days, even if it's just for a weekend.
  6. An app that gives you an adventure buddy. You both love traveling to the same places and you both enjoy the same kind of music. (Someone steal this idea and make it a reality.)

Now if we could make those 6 things happen, I think we would all love to finally celebrate Single Awareness Day. Let us not forget the beauty of being single, no one can judge your cravings for wings and ice cream and ask you to pick something else for dinner instead.

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